Patient monitors

Designed for GE Healthcare

When design is a matter of life and death

We gave GE Healthcare’s Carescape patient monitors a design that supports their use in critical situations. Different models have been developed for intensive care, and for following the patient when moving between wards or hospitals.

Theater of life

Designing for critical tasks is not about the devices, but about the people and their operating environment. Our design work is founded on studying and understanding the medical professionals’ work, and then designing the workspace layouts and the monitors for smooth, efficient and error-free operation. 

Portable & customizable

Healthcare work is hectic. Situations change. Patients and equipment need to be moved – sometimes using ambulances or helicopters. We designed the patient monitors for ease of lifting and carrying. Plug-and-play modules can be conventiently connected to the monitors to customize their functionality on the fly. 

Medical devices since 1978

Our long experience in designing medical devices and systems ensures a smooth and reliable user experience for the product and for the tasks around it. We have been building on these principles since 1978 when we designed our first X-Ray device for Valmet. Our co-operation with GE Healthcare started in 1990 when we designed our first patient monitoring device for them.

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