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Maybe we have already met? As ED DESIGN, we have been creating internationally acclaimed design solutions for over 50 years.

So come down and say hi. We’re here for you.

The human-centric design studio

Every design is a relationship®. People and products. Platforms and solutions. All designed to serve one another, in perfect harmony.

At Edea, we don’t just design beautiful things that are easy on the eye; we create meaningful bonds between people and products. Our unique approach is based on profound human insight and in-depth knowledge of R&D and manufacturing.

From forks to forklifts

Excellent ideas deserve excellent design, no matter the size or complexity. We’re eager to help you create winning ideas and production-ready designs – each designed to form a lasting connection that carries through generations.

Human-driven at heart

At Edea, we believe that a healthy human-product relationship should never be the result of design; it should be its starting point. That’s why we design every product and service by beginning from its relationship with its user. This way, we transform ideas into reality for a safer, more sustainable, and productive future.

Industrial Design

Our versatile process produces human-centric, production-ready designs that are easy on the eye.

Service Design

 We weave the digital, the physical and the social together into enjoyable service journeys.

Strategic Design

The future is coming, are you ready? Let’s lay out the best design strategy – and build your brand in the process.

Edea - Oras

50 years of designs that last

Our passion is designing products that stand the test of time. Products that their users bond with. Products that they hold on to. It is what drove Edea towards a more humane and sustainable world five decades ago – it is what drives us still.

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Valtra tractors


Refrigeration systems


Locks & keys


Air purifier

Design & engineering

We are a team of experienced industrial designers, service designers and strategic designers, eager to help you bring ideas to life.

Together with our engineering expertise and our solid partner network, our design studio offers a total design service covering all the fields of R&D expertise you’ll need. Our in-house model workshop enables us to validate the design choices that are made along the way, ensuring smooth progress through the entire R&D process.

Designers and engineers at Edea

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