Refrigeration systems

Designed for Viessmann

Cool & green

We design Viessmann’s refrigeration systems with the entire retail store in mind, creating products that present the goods favorably while ensuring maximal energy efficiency. 

Unique & inspiring

Our design work always starts from understanding the people and the context. In case of retail environments, we don’t just design the refrigeration units that will be placed there; we create products and product lines that match, contributing to a unique and inspiring shopping experience.

Sides to the story

Favorable product placement and ease of access set the baseline for design in the retail environment. Creating a great shopping experience is what drives us, but we always make sure to cater for the entire consumption chain as well: ease of installation, product circulation, hygiene, and cleaning.

From workshop to shop floor

We build and nurture the bond between the product and its user with great care. Our ideas are never without foundation; rather, we see them as natural transformations from human understanding to creative concepts. We then evolve them into models and finally, the products themselves.

Demonstrated sustainability

Viessmann’s EsyCool Green is a total solution for sustainable and fossil-free retail store cooling and heating. We built an interactive hybrid prototype for Viessmann’s booth at the Euroshopper 2023 exhibition, demonstrating the functionality and positive impact of the system. The demo now lives on at Viessmann’s HQ.

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