EV chargers

Designed for Ensto

An electric journey

Ensto’s Chago electric vehicle charging posts help people stay sustainably on the move. The different models we designed for Ensto cover all places of installation, from street sides posts to wall installations in parking lots and garages.

Fit for any environment

We designed Ensto’s chargers to be classy, timeless and fit for any environment, whether it be medieval old towns, bustling business districts or cozy suburbs. As a result, top scores for design have won Ensto major deals including providing the charging infrastructure for the city of Oslo in Norway.

In wind and rain

We designed Ensto’s electric vehicle chargers to withstand extreme weather conditions. Still, should any part fail, the charger will be easy to repair on the spot. The overall lifetime expectancy of Ensto charging points is exceptionally good. This makes them truly products that last.

An ecosystem of EV charging

We joined Ensto in designing the electric vehicle charging ecosystem as whole, covering all aspects from ease of use to safety, and from managing payments to repairs. In addition to the charging points, we designed Ensto a web-based user interface for remote management of chargers.

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