Industrial design

Excellent ideas deserve excellent design. More than just products, we design lasting human-product relationships.

Winning ideas. Production-ready designs.

We design products by starting from their desired relationship to their users. Carefully building on the human bond, we first work it into a meaningful design concept, then refine it into an economically viable, production-ready design.

A versatile industrial design process

Every project is different. We integrate to your way of working, coordinating the efforts of everyone involved to lead and support the creative development. During the process, we co-develop and communicate the evolving designs with you so that they enable sound decision-making and steady progress.

Model workshop

Our model workshop is the heart of our industrial design studio. In it, we develop designs, create models, and test solutions. 

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Reality built-in

Our industrial design process builds on human-driven creativity while staying well grounded  with reality. Our experienced mechanical engineers, our model workshop, and our in-depth knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods can save you both time and money.

A one stop shop for your design needs

Whether you start from a basic idea or seek to improve an existing product, we will walk with you all the way to a fully developed, manufacturable design – where nothing is left to chance. Our in-house expertise is complemented by our skilled partner network, extending our offering to include software development and electronical engineering.

Over 50 years. Over 5000 projects.

Our passion is designing products that stand the test of time. Products that their users bond with. Products that they hold on to. It is what drove us five decades ago – it is what drives us still.

Check out some of our works below.


Valtra tractors


Cutlery & kitchenware


Air purifier



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