Service design

Great service design creates great interactions. We weave the digital, the physical and the social together into enjoyable service journeys.

Customer-driven service design

Service design is the art of designing journeys. It is about encounters with items and spaces; it is about being in touch with other people; it is about interacting with digital user interfaces.

By putting the human bond at the center of the service design process, we design products and services that work in perfect harmony with their users. For us, service design provides the means to create solutions that are not only functionally efficient, but also emotionally and socially rewarding. Great service is what keeps people coming back.

Know your users

Service design starts from knowing your users. Whoever will be eventually using the solution has a main role, but there are other parts at play, too: the purchase decision maker, the reseller, the service technician, … To be able to design optimal services, we conduct user research and use the Design Puzzle™ toolkit to make sure to understand and bond with them all.

User interface design

Services design is going digital! We design user interfaces that provide effective, efficient and enjoyable interactions between the human and the machine.

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Uniform user experiences

Service design spans all the digital, physical, and social contact points their users encounter. Our industrial design, user interface design and strategic design expertise ensure that each part of the service journey works as a seamless part of the whole, providing a uniform user experience. We’ll make sure it works, too: that is why we have our model workshop.

Service design with a mission

The more challenging the service design target, the more we enjoy the way there. Some of our favorite service design projects include designing user experiences for mission critical control centers, and designing guidance solutions for people with visual and other sensory challenges.

Over 50 years. Over 5000 projects.

Our passion is designing products that stand the test of time. Products that their users bond with. Products that they hold on to. It is what drove us five decades ago – it is what drives us still.

Check out some of our works below.


Automation UI for air handling units


EV chargers


Accessibility guidelines


Control center UX

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