Control center UX

Designed for Fingrid

The nexus of the Finnish grid

The modern society is critically dependent on undisrupted availability of electricity. We joined Fingrid, the national grid operator in Finland, to design a smooth and efficient user experience for the systems at their central control center.

Grasping the complex

Power plants, factories, regional distribution networks and networks of neighboring nations are all connected to the Finnish main grid. We collaborated with the operators at the Main grid control center to grasp the details of the complex system – and to be able to provide them with the best possible user experience.

A critical blueprint

Work at the control center is hectic. The delicate balance of the grid needs to be maintained, disruptions need to be managed, co-operation needs to be coordinated. Mistakes could lead to widespread power shortages and blackouts.

We designed user experience guidelines for the overall usability of the control room systems, all the way down to consistent details in individual applications.

Everything is connected

The Finnish main grid is the nationwide backbone network for electricity transmission – the “highway” of the power system, transmitting electricity throughout Finland.

The electricity system of Finland consists of power plants, the main grid, high-voltage distribution networks, other distribution networks, and electricity consumers. It is part of the pan-Nordic power system along with systems in Sweden, Norway and eastern Denmark. There is also a high-voltage direct current transmission link from Estonia to Finland.

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