Model workshop

Our model workshop is the heart of our design studio. In it, we create and develop designs, build models, and test solutions.

Designs made real

When creating designs that need to be touched and felt, nothing beats tangible models and  working prototypes. Our internal model workshop functions as an agile co-creative space and can host models up to the size of a large forklift or tractor. 

Human engagement

We believe in building models and prototypes throughout the entire design process, trying out alternative solutions and engaging users to find out what works best. We use virtual reality models wherever they work, but when ergonomics matter, the value of being able to handle a tangible model is undeniable. 

Rough or finished

We choose the right level of detailing and finishing for the task at hand. In early concept testing, rough 3D prints or hand-made models will do. When the maturity of the design progresses, we create more accurate models and prototypes. Finishing levels vary accordingly, from unfinished grey models to high quality exhibition models with finished surfaces.

Commit when ready

Combining the skills and knowledge of our industrial designers and mechanical engineers with the facilities of our model workshop, we ensure that the choices of materials and manufacturing methods are always optimal for the project at hand. We’re used to working together with manufacturers, making sure that moulds are designed effectively and the handover into mass production is smooth.

Technology validation

We design and build functional prototype parts that perfectly imitate the intended production parts. These can be used for testing out technical solutions before committing to mass production. Typically, such parts are made using prototype moulds.

Exhibition demos

We design and build interactive stands for use at fairs and exhibitions. Designing exhibition demos follows our human-driven design process: we start from understanding what is to be communicated, and then design and build interactive solutions so that the communication is effective and engaging.

Over 50 years. Over 5000 projects.

Our passion is designing products that stand the test of time. Products that their users bond with. Products that they hold on to. It is what drove us five decades ago – it is what drives us still.

Check out some of our works below.


Valtra tractors


Refrigeration systems



GE Healthcare

Patient monitors

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