Valtra tractors

Designed with Valtra

Behold The Beast

Fondly called The Beast, the Valtra Q Series tractor provides a perfect balance of human-centric usability and sheer power. It is the latest result of our decades-long and award-winning design partnership with Valtra.

Designed for the driver

Together with Valtra, we share the same driver-first philosophy. Project after project, our design co-operation delivers vehicles that are known for their unparalleled working comfort and efficiency. 

A spacious cockpit, an excellent driving position, large windows, and a curved bonnet ensure unobstructed views in all conditions. The ergonomic SmartTouch armrest gives the driver full control of the tractor.

Award-winning beauty

Over the years, Valtra tractors have won numerous design awards, not only for their striking looks, but also for their inherent usability. These include the coveted GOOD DESIGN™ award, several Golden Tractor for the Design awards, an A’Design award, and many Red Dots. At Edea, we are proud to keep playing our part in the success.

Real-world prototypes

We believe that physical human interfaces can only be designed using physical prototypes. For this purpose, we use our in-house workshop to build ergonomic prototypes of our designs, ensuring their optimal functionality and comfort in the real world.

Besides functional prototypes, we also provide Valtra with models of highest quality. Maybe you have seen some of them at exhibitions such as AgriTechnica?

Design partnership since 1985

Our design partnership with Valtra started already back in the 1980s with Valtra Mezzo.

At the turn of the millennium, we revolutionized the tractor industry together by introducing the 1st generation Valtra S model. It was the first tractor ever to feature a curved bonnet – a feature which won us several design awards and went on to became widely copied by Valtra’s competitors. 

Since then, the human-centric design philosophy shared by Valtra and us has continued to create the best tractor experiences out there.

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