Agricultural seeder

Designed for Multiva

Graceful performance

The Multiva eCerex 600 is a pneumatic seeder-fertilizer that combines modern design, a versatile control system, precise seeding, and high seeding capacity. The machine is the latest result of the long-standing collaboration between Multiva and Edea®.

Unparalleled flexibility

Together with Multiva, we designed the seeder for optimal flexibility of use. The machine has four tanks, allowing for versatile seeding and fertilization during the same pass. Multiple materials can be seeded at the same time, in varied conditions from ploughed soft soils to mulch seeding. 

Award-winning excellence

Introduced at the KoneAgria 2023 fair, the Multiva eCEREX 600 immediately went on to win the silver medal at the exhibition. The panel particularly appreciated the seeder’s versatility and ease of use, and how it facilitates farmers in implementing diverse cultivation practices.

Heavy duty design

The project was done in close co-operation with Dometal, the brand owner of Multiva. It was the latest result of the long co-operation between Edea and Dometal, and another example of Edea’s expertise in designing heavy machinery.

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