Design Puzzle™

Coming up with viable ideas can be daunting. Enter Design Puzzle™, our strategic toolkit for user-centered and future-driven innovation.

User insight meets future foresight

Unless the users want your product, there can be no viable business. Unless there is going to be viable business, there is no point in investing in R&D.

It all comes down to user insight. By truly understanding the needs and desires of your intended audience, you can create products and services that meet their goals – and generate viable business. This is what Design Puzzle toolkit™ has been built to accomplish.

The innovation system

Design Puzzle™ is a step-by-step process for user-centric ideation and design. We designed it to tap into the insights of the users, generate an in-depth understanding of their goals, combine it with future foresight, and convert it into a clear formula for success.

Design Puzzle™ GPT

Are you struggling to come up with truly novel ideas? Wondering how to make sure that your idea will fly?

Have a chat with our Design Puzzle™ GPT! It is free to use but a ChatGPT subscription is required. 

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Eliminate guesswork

The formula is all too familiar. You’re supposed to have a killer idea, make a product out of it, and enjoy the success. Great – except it almost never works this way. It’s no wonder you may hesitate to make the first move.

The Design Puzzle™ toolkit eliminates the guesswork by tapping into the insights of the users and converting them into a clear formula for success.

Unleash your innovation potential

We first developed the Design Puzzle™ toolkit back in 2005, when we were tasked to come up with new mobile phone concepts for a Japanese manufacturer. Since then, we have used and evolved the toolkit in numerous innovation projects, spanning areas like circular economy, home & construction, electric vehicle charging, mining, mission-critical control systems – and more.

Do you think it’s high time to unleash your innovation potential? Let us help!

Over 50 years. Over 5000 projects.

Our passion is designing products that stand the test of time. Products that their users bond with. Products that they hold on to. It is what drove us five decades ago – it is what drives us still.

Check out some of our works below.




EV chargers


Rapid deployment command center


Control center UX

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