Rapid deployment command center

Designed for Morehouse

Tactical to the extreme

We joined Morehouse to design the exterior and interior for their flagship product, the COMM7. Special attention was paid to designing foldable, rapid deployment workstations. The result is a NATO compatible solution that beat the previous deployment time records by 90 %.

Rapid as never before

At the start of our project, Morehouse had already developed a solution which makes the container quickly expandable to three times its transportation volume. We extended the speed-up to the interior by designing rapidly foldable workstations.

Modular & functional

We gave the interior a total overhaul. Aeroplane railings were installed so that the workstations could be moved quickly to wherever they’d be needed. Main displays were positioned so that critical information would only be available to those for whom it was intended. Colors and  lighting were optimized for tactical effectiveness.

Hidden in plain sight

Being able to move quickly and stealthily gives an unmatched tactical advantage.

COMM7 is based on a standard sea container construction which makes it sturdy and easy to transport to wherever is needed. The unique electro-hydraulic self assembly system makes the command center rapidly deployable and just as rapidly undeployable. To top it all, we gave the COMM7 an exterior camo pattern to match.

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