Automation UI for air handling units

Designed for Koja

Control at your fingertips

Designed by Edea®, the KojaControl automation user interface is used for monitoring and controlling air handling units in a wide range of buildings.

The future of air handling

The KojaControl automation user interface is an integral part of Koja’s air handling units. With a simple and intuitive menu structure, the user interface enables full control of a building’s air handling unit from a single point of contact.

Easy to install – easy to use

Koja’s Future® air handling product range has been designed for ease and simplicity of planning, installation, and maintenance. We designed the KojaControl automation user interface to make both configuration and daily use straight-forward and hassle-free.

Design for a cleaner tomorrow

Koja’s products are known globally for their energy efficiency and smart air management solutions. The KojaControl solution brings together Koja’s 90 years of air handling expertise and Edea’s 50 years of design experience. The result is the next step towards a cleaner tomorrow.

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