Recycling system

Designed for Molok

Circular economy at work

Molok’s underground waste containers are an important piece in the green transition puzzle. As their design partner for decades, we are helping them create products that enable smart recycling of waste, and that are sustainable in themselves.

Pleasant & easy

When designing the newest Molok models, we paid special attention to ease of use. The clear signage and the optional colored lids guide the user to find the right container, and the stay-open lid and the bag hook allow the use of both hands while sorting waste on-site. 

Durable & serviceable

Just as Molok, we are driven by the desire to create a more sustainable world. With this in mind, we design their containers for durability and ease of servicing. There are Molok containers out there that have been used for over 30 years.

A game of logistics

Waste management is about logistics: people taking their waste to the collection point, and the waste taken away to be processed.

With Molok, we are designing the containers to minimize the need for travel at both ends. The Molok models can be placed right where they are needed so people can take their waste to them with minimal effort. On the other hand, the spacious containers allow collecting large amounts of waste in one go, meaning that they need to be emptied much less often than traditional containers. Smart features like continuously monitored fill levels can reduce unneeded driving even more. All of this leads to 50% smaller carbon emissions from waste collection.

Design for all

Our designs for Molok are based on observing and interviewing the people who use them. Through this process we paid  special attention to ensure the recycling containers are accessible for the physically disabled.

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