Defour and RCP Software – new partners of ED Design

The close and successful cooperation between Turku-based Defour Ltd. and RCP Software Ltd. will be further complemented by the addition of the long-standing design agency ED Design Ltd. With the partnership, companies now offer their customers a complete research, development and production service from a single address.

Defour and RCP Software have been co-operating for several years. While implementing demanding product development, productization and production – mechanics, electronics, software and hardware assembly – the companies have worked closely together to create an efficient and customer-friendly operating model. The co-operation enables customers to receive a comprehensive service which solves the challenges of product development and production required for the growth of customers’ business.

The companies’ service offering will be further enhanced when design agency ED Design joins among the partner companies. Known for its user-centric operating model, ED Design complements the service offering with strong expertise in industrial design, digital user experience, and service design. Naturally, ED Design’s innovation development services are also available to customers. With the partnership, companies now offer their customers a complete research, development and production service from a single address.

”The co-operation will reinforce our strategic objective to be a strong and agile partner in product development, from the idea to manufacturing”, says Petri Perälä, CEO of Defour Oy.

“Strong collaboration between Defour and RCP Software has been the key driver for mastering demanding product development. Co-operation with ED Design brings user-centric product design expertise especially into the early project phase”, says Turkka Laakkio, CEO of RCP Software Oy.

“For many of our customers, it makes more sense to get the entire product development package from the same door. A broad service offering – from innovation through design and engineering to productisation – guarantees a controlled service that covers the entire product development cycle – whether a product, a service, or a combination of these is being developed, says Mika Röykkee, CEO of ED Design Oy.

The partnership will build a center of expertise in the Turku region with more than fifty top experts in their respective fields, and a turnover of more than five million. This forms a good basis for working towards large international projects as well.

Defour is your choice if you want an excellent product development service. We offer everything needed for product development, product testing and industrialisation. Our design is of the highest level, based on experience, professionalism and open-mindedness. Our extensive partner networks in Finland and abroad ensure that we always have the best experts available and our product development services can be performed optimally. More information

RCP Software Oy designs demanding devices for embedded systems (software, electronics). We have both stock-listed and start-ups as our customers. We master also IoT- and mesh-based sensor solutions as well as software consulting. Together with our partners we offer quality turn-key product R&D trustworthy. More Information

Founded in 1973, ED Design Oy in Turku designs and designs intelligent products, services and operating environments, whether it is vehicles, operating room systems, circular economy solutions, control rooms or urban development. ED approaches all of its assignments holistically and user-focused with its nearly 50 years of experience and more than 4,000 projects. More information