Red Dot ABB EGW-02 - Edea

Double Red Dot award for ABB’s Connectivity Edge Gateway

Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s largest and most respected design competitions. Edea Design joined ABB Motion in winning a Red Dot award in not just one, but two categories: Communication Technology and Smart Products.


Advanced connectivity

There are millions of electric powertrains in operation around the world in areas such food production, water supply, heating and cooling, ventilation, transport and other industrial applications. The ABB Connectivity Edge Gateway EGW-02 enables advanced analytics and digital services for these powertrains, saving energy, reducing emissions, minimising downtime, increasing reliability and strengthening cybersecurity.


Innovation by design

Designing the EGW-02 was a joint effort of industrial designers Kimmo Ollikainen from ABB and Juha Kauko from Edea Design. The result is an award-winning device, commended by the international Red Dot jury for its “powerful, functional design” that “enhances the reliability and energy efficiency of electric drives”.

The device’s compact size provides great flexibility of placement options, enabling wall installations as well as placement within existing electric cabinets. A prominent design feature is the device’s innovative cooling system, evidenced by the highly effective yet elegant cooling fins on the device’s enclosure. The patent-pending solution was designed for optimal airflow within tightly packed electrical cabinets and other installation orientations.

For more information, please visit ABB‘s and Red Dot Design Award‘s press releases.