Multiva eCerex 600 awarded at KoneAgria

Dometal’s new Multiva eCerex 600 seeder-fertilizer was unveiled at the KoneAgria fair last week. The machine, designed by ED Design, received the KoneAgria Silver Medal at the event.

The Multiva eCerex 600 is a pneumatic seeder-fertilizer that combines modern design, a versatile control system, precise seeding, and high seeding capacity.

The machine has four tanks, allowing for versatile seeding and fertilization during the same pass. The ISOBUS control system enables precise rate control based on location for three different materials. The FlowControl function allows for comprehensive and flexible selection of rows at various spray widths. With the SeedPilot Air controller, different row spacings and track widths can be quickly adjusted. The Section Control function can be used to cut off or start the feed over the entire machine’s working width or in eight sections. This reduces overlap and minimizes input costs.

The Multiva eCerex 600 is the latest result of the long-standing collaboration between Dometal and ED Design.