Material management solution

Designed for Konecranes

Smart material management

Designed by Edea®, the Konecranes Agilon® is designed for the storage and administration of components in manufacturing and enables the exchange of relevant real-time data between various parties in the supply chain.

The system consists of a portal, a shelving system and a robot that travels within the shelving area, picking up the requested parts and transporting them to the service point. An intuitive user interface displays the availability of parts along with an image of the respective parts required.

Connected convenience

We designed Agilon’s use access points for efficiency and convenience. Using the portal’s display panel, the user can order parts to be brought directly to the portal. The inventory of each stored part is followed real-time using a secure internet connection.

Modular flexibility

We designed the Agilon for maximum flexibility and expandability. The size and the layout of the system can be adapted based on available floor space and the  type of the components to be stored. A transportation tube that connects all of the modules can be applied which allows a network of multiple units in different areas, and even on separate floors, to work in unison.

Award-winning design

The Konecranes Agilon has been awarded with the internation Red Dot design award. According to the jury, “Agilon translates automated processes into an easily understandable design, which is geared towards efficiency and user-friendliness.”

“We are very proud to have received the Red Dot design award for Agilon,” says Johannes Tarkiainen of Konecranes. “In addition to modern and harmonic outlook, Agilon’s user experience is impressive – the user can feel the results of creative and multidisciplinary design work.”

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