Air purifier

Designed for UniqAir

Clean air. Clean Nordic design.

UniqAir’s air purifiers are known for providing the cleanest indoor air. As UniqAir expanded their product portfolio beyond public spaces and industrial environments, we joined them to create the Uniq – a consumer-oriented air purifier which is friendly to approach and easy on the eye.

Friendly & flexible

We gave the Uniq a friendly and unobtrusive look to easily adapt itself to any interior. The clean design and  the minimalistic, no-hassle touch controls project the purity of the air that the Uniq provides.

The purifier is designed so that it can be placed on the floor, on a table, or on a shelf – it can even be mounted on a wall. There are several customization options for the front glass panel and the back cover. 

Co-operative R&D

The project was executed in close co-operation with UniqAir. We gave Uniq a novel radial flow form which we went on to evolve and finalize, including development of the product’s internal mechanics and its user interface.

Along the way, we suggested optimal materials and manufacturing methods, utilizing our prototype workshop to create models for testing and validation.

An ever-improving design

We worked with UniqAir through the entire R&D process. Our deliverables included 3D CAD models with perfect surfaces and complete mechanics, product graphics and digital interaction models, functional prototypes, drawings for the users’ manual, and packaging design.

The success of the original Uniq resulted in a significant growth in production volumes. Together with UniqAir, we responded by making design alterations for even more efficient assembly and higher quality. At the same time, new features such as Bluetooth connectivity were introduced.

Our co-operation with UniqAir is ongoing. The latest version of Uniq is known as the Uniq2.

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