Faucets & showers

Designed for Oras

Water-smart living since the 1970s

Funny how time flies! It’s been almost 50 years since we first started our design partnership with Oras. Since then, Oras products have paved the way for innovations in water-smart living – by improving ease of use, hygienics, and saving of water and energy.

A human touch

Faucets and showers are everywhere, used by everyone, all the time. We started the design process for Oras from the human bond, creating solutions that are a seamless and satisfying part of everyday life.

Green by design

Using smart Oras water solutions can reduce water consumption up to 50 %. We designed the products to help people make sustainable choices without sacrificing anything – neither hygiene, safety nor comfort. The products are also extremely easy to repair.

A history of world firsts

Back in the 1970s, we joined Oras in designing the world’s first faucet, Safira, that only needed one handle for adjusting both the flow of water and its heat. Later on, we took it even further and introduced the world’s first touch-free faucet, Electra, and the Bidetta shower for intimate hygiene. Both innovations live to this day, with more additions like smart guidance for limiting excess use of water introduced later.

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