Edea suunnitteli Evermat-hyötykasvikuivurin

We designed the Evermat utility plant dryer over 40 years ago

The global economic system has long relied on the idea that resources should be consumed more and more. Products have been designed to break down and become obsolete, rather than being durable and repairable. At Edea, we believe that quality design considers the responsibility, functionality, sustainability, and longevity of products.

At Edea, sustainable development has guided our design work for decades. An example of this is the Evermat utility crop dryer, which we designed over 40 years ago. The reliable Evermat utility crop dryer has maintained its popularity to this day and is still found in many homes. Its original, iconic design has remained unchanged to this day. The Evermat utility crop dryer is a perfect example of how future-oriented design meets the needs, desires, and goals of end-users.

Well-designed products last from generation to generation

Evermat utility crop dryer is now manufactured by the Swedish company Evermat AB, but it was originally designed for the Finnish company Sarvik. Successful design work has brought reputation and success to its manufacturers over the years. The utility crop dryer has been praised for its durability, functionality, and beautiful design.

In addition to timeless design, we invested in functionality and user-friendliness in the design of the utility crop dryer. The distinctive geometric roundness of the device is primarily designed to optimize airflow, only secondarily as an aesthetic factor. Together with adjustable temperature, it slowly and evenly dries plants and berries placed on perforated trays, preserving nutrients and flavors in the best possible way.

The parts of the Evermat utility crop dryer can be replaced, and the device can be complemented with accessories, promoting sustainable consumption and reducing environmental impact. Careful design makes the device an ecological choice for drying food crops.

Besides Evermat, there are other well-known examples worldwide of designing sustainable products. For example, Lego and Fiskars have successfully integrated a sustainability perspective into product design. The popularity of Lego’s iconic building blocks has not diminished over the decades; Fiskars is known for its high-quality tools that withstand the test of time and continuous use.

The Evermat utility crop dryer creates memories and traditions

In Edea, the guiding principle of product development is building a relationship between the product and the user. Therefore, the Evermat utility crop dryer has been designed from the beginning as a reliable partner that serves its user throughout the year and across generations. This creates an emotional bond between the product and the user, becoming part of family traditions and childhood memories. Such are the stories told by the owners of the Evermat utility crop dryer.

Brands that favor sustainable product design inspire consumers to appreciate durability and longevity over fast-paced consumption. This type of design not only reduces environmental impact but also promotes responsible consumer behavior. It is an important step towards a more sustainable future.

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