Creativity is universal

Creating revolutionary innovations is possible for every one of us. However, we must be able to give up our old way of thinking in order to build something new. It is important to understand that a successful innovation is always built around the core objective of its user. The new idea must also provide the company with true business potential. In addition to these factors, effort must be made to find the best possible technology that enables the implementation of the innovation.

Ideas require new approaches

Creativity and the ability to come up with new, revolutionary things are characteristics that are often associated with geniuses. However, realising new things is possible for everyone. All of us can throw off our chains and strive to create truly new products and services.

The most difficult thing is giving up our familiar and routine habits. We humans tend to be prisoners of our own thought patterns, which is why creating something new can feel difficult. Even if we to sit down to brainstorm, our preconceptions still control our thinking and argumentation. In innovation workshops, it is very common that people present ideas and justifications that they have already outlined beforehand. However, creating innovations requires us to truly stop and contemplate the core objectives of the user of a product or service. Familiar and routine thought patterns must be cast aside so that the work can have a fresh start.

Look to the future and see beyond your competitors

All successful innovations contain a completely new understanding of how to respond to the users’ core objectives. The creation of an innovation requires the courage to start working on a solution with an open mind and from a clean slate, not making the solution a continuation of something established. Instead of continuously glancing at what your competitors are doing, you should look boldly to the future. In this way, you can find completely new markets. The idea of the so-called ‘blue ocean strategy’ is to break away from traditional competition and create what others have not yet invented. By creating something exceptional, a company can attract unprecedented demand among customers and thus conquer a completely new market area.

Users’ core objectives are at the heart of innovating

Innovations must always be developed with a user-oriented approach and without clinging onto old solutions: What kinds of core objectives do the users of our product or service have? What kind of product or service would best serve them? How is the world changing and how should we act in the future so that we can continue to serve our customer as well as possible?

With the user-oriented DESIGN PUZZLE™ innovation method developed by ED Design, you can get in-depth information about the core objectives of the users of your company’s product or service.

Our method is based on interviewing users and observing their behaviour. We then develop the results obtained in this manner by examining their business viability and technical feasibility.

Breaking the old ways of thinking enables the creation of radical innovations. We at ED Design can help your company step off the beaten path and head towards successful innovations. Contact ED Design to learn more!