Presentation of LM Trac 587 urban tractor


Presentation of LM Trac 587 urban tractor

Finnish Lai-Mu has released a new urban tractor model called LM Trac 587. The new model is lighter than the 687 model launched a couple of years ago, and it belongs to the urban tractor class.

The design of the new model continues along the same lines as the 687 model. The airy cabin is exceptionally spacious and there is excellent visibility to all directions. The windscreen bends at the upper edge onto the cabin roof and the side doors are made completely of glass. All switches and levers have been placed on the ergonomically designed armrest. Instrumentation information and machine-related information can be read on a new colour display that also serves as the control device for the additional lights and beacon. The image from the reversing camera is also displayed, occupying either the whole display or a part of it.

Ease of maintenance has also been at the focus. The bonnet opens by pulling backwards and provides a full view of the engine from the top. It can be opened even if, for example, the gritter is in place. Both sides also open wide and they can be easily lifted off.

ED Design has been in charge of designing the LM Trac 587 and 687 models.


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