Valtra Q Series wins Red Dot 2023

ED Design joins Valtra in celebrating another achievement as Valtra’s Q Series tractor wins Red Dot Award: Product Design. 

Released in September 2022, the machine earlier picked up the FARM MACHINE 2023 Jury Award at the SIMA show in November. The FARM MACHINE jury praised the Q Series for its agricultural contractor-focused approach. For a new tractor in a previously unchartered horsepower range, receiving such an award confirms what many farmers and contractors who have test driven the tractor have been saying – The Q Series is a well-designed tractor that perfectly suits this higher horsepower segment. 

The Q Series tractor has been designed with a strict customer focus. Everything from the easy access via the aluminium steps, the all-new powerful integrated front work lights, market-leading cab comfort, new roof design, and easy to use, fully integrated technology via the SmartTouch user interface, responds to customer feedback. Everything is designed to make the Q Series the most comfortable, and well-equipped tractor of its kind. 

As Valtra’s ID & UX Department Lead Kimmo Wihinen says: “It is the best tractor we have ever designed and built. We are very happy that the Q Series continues Valtra’s history of winning Red Dot Design Awards.”

ED Design has been working as Valtra’s design partner of choice since the 1980s. The award-winning Q Series is the latest fruit of the co-operation.