ED Design and Muotohiomo enter close cooperation

ED Design Oy and Muotohiomo Oy have started a close strategic cooperation since the beginning of 2020. The cooperation enables both companies to provide their clients with broader expertise in different areas of design.

“This collaboration strenghtens Muotohiomo’s service design, wayfinding and exhibition design capabilities. Together with ED Design, we can deliver holistic physical and digital solutions for a wide variety of services – from under one roof”, says Pekka Toivanen, Managing Director of Muotohiomo.

“The need to design physical products is gaining new momentum with the digital service design boom. Today, many physical products are parts and manifestations of digital solutions. ED Design’s strong expertise in industrial design, digital design and mechanical design brings new value to solutions defined by service design”, says Mika Röykkee, CEO of ED Design Oy.

Both Röykkee and Toivanen highlight the cornerstone of the collaboration: work is being done for the users. “User-centric design principles are at the core of all of our design activities. Both intangible services and tangible products are designed based on solid user understanding.”

The co-operation is intensified by the relocation of ED Design’s Helsinki office to the same address with Muotohiomo at Lapinlahdenkatu. The shared workspace has been in full action since the beginning of February. Turku is and will remain as the headquarters of ED Design. Despite close cooperation, both companies remain independent.

* * *

Founded in 1973 and based in Turku, ED Design Oy designs and engineers intelligent products, services and environments. ED’s track record of nearly 50 years and 4000 projects includes award-winning vehicles, medical devices, circular economy solutions, control rooms — and more. ED’s approach to all assignments is comprehensive and user-centered.

Founded in 1992, Muotohiomo is a multidisciplinary design agency based in Helsinki, with expertise in service design, wayfinding and exhibition design.