Would you like to learn about user-centric innovation development?

Are you looking for new, progressive ideas to help your business serve its customers even better? Would you like to defeat your competition with an unprecedented execution?

Successful innovations can be achieved by observing the users of a product or service and exploring the future instead of building on an existing solution. When innovation development starts taking into account the real goals of the users, the company can feel safe about starting product development activities.

Take advantage of ED Design’s expertise in user-centric innovation development

ED Design has been using the Design Puzzle™ method in the strategic design of new products and services since 2005. The method has been developed for the user-centric identification of innovation opportunities and the development of unprecedented product and service solutions. The idea of Design Puzzle is to start developing an innovation from scratch by understanding the core needs of the product’s user and future trends. The method can be used in all business areas, always through the strategy of the company in question.

With the Design Puzzle method, we can create solutions with real business potential that are also technically feasible. A product has a variety of users, and it is important to consider the perspective of all of them. Solutions based on the real needs of the user are developed further from the perspectives of business vitality and technological feasibility.

Viable innovation through individual training

Would you like to hear more about the Design Puzzle method? ED Design can provide training customised for your organisation to deepen your understanding of how to achieve viable innovations. We carry out individual training sessions for companies in different fields to help them identify the core needs of the user of their product or service and thus transform radical business opportunities into successful product and service innovations.

In addition to the lecture section itself, small group work may be included in the distance training session. The participants usually have a lot of questions during the event and these are explored together with our trainers. The duration of the event will be tailored to serve your schedule. The trainers are ED Design’s CEO Mika Röykkee, Chief Development Officer Sami Pyörre and Strategic Designer Johanna Liipola.

ED Design truly supports its customers by offering its expertise in strategic, industrial and service design. Contact us and we will provide you with just the right training for your needs!