“Safety doesn’t happen by accident.” –Unknown author

During 2019 ED Design was tasked to create a demo stand for Borealis Polymers. The demo was aimed to teach individuals how to safely work with potentially energized equipment. The design was part of a bigger initiative to set up safety centers at Borealis’ various sites around the world.

Collaboration and the sharing of knowledge was a vital factor throughout the project. ED set up several meetings, workshops and tours around Borealis facilities in order to understand the systems, tasks and mentalities of the workers. Studies of incidents also aided in informing possible causes of prior incidents.

ED and Borealis worked together through an iterative process of developing the concept. Each iteration was improved upon until a polished concept was finalized. ED contributed with creativity and human centered design using knowledge of human behavior to determine best methods for evoking a memorable and lasting learning experience. Combinations of proven learning methods were tied together in a string of sub-sections to assure that an impression would be made on each individual. These sub-sections were also stylized to mimic various environments found within the Borealis’ facilities. When discussing a hands-on experience, the team at Borealis were keen to make it as realistic as possible and were even willing to incorporate a full (albeit small compared to plant site) pipe assembly in the demo stand. ED then rigged the pipe assembly with a full pneumatic system to allow the demo guide to simulate pressurized air leakages if the demo participants fail to go through steps properly. This was done not only for realism but to make the demo experiential, fun and most importantly memorable.

The final design was built and tested at ED facilities. Duplicates were produced and sent to the various sites.

ED Design is excited to help companies improve safety in their work environment through human centered design.