Locks & keys

Designed for iLOQ

Smooth & secure access

For two decades, iLOQ has been leading the way in innovating battery-free access management systems that harvest energy from their surroundings. We have given iLOQ’s smart locks, keys, fobs, and knobs a design to match their smooth operation.

A perfect fit

In the iLOQ solution, the power needed for unlocking comes from the kinetic motion of inserting the key into the lock, or from bringing an NFC-enabled smartphone or fob near the lock. We designed the parts of the system for perfect ergonomy and a perfect fit – like lock & key should be.

Building the human bond

The iLOQ brand image is one of reliability and trust. With this in mind, we designed their entire product range to look and feel sturdy and robust, yet convenient and friendly. After all, it is the products themselves that make the brand into flesh; they are what the people bond with.

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