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Design promotes corporate responsibility

At Edea, it has been noticed that the role of design agencies in supporting companies in responsible solutions is constantly growing. It is important that design agencies represent reliable partnerships, offering expert guidance and concrete solutions for integrating sustainable design into business operations. This entails a commitment to using environmentally friendly materials, optimizing resource efficiency, and promoting principles of circular economy.

At Edea, the starting point for sustainable design is to create a strong bond between humans and products. When people find a product meaningful and become attached to it, they are more inclined to take good care of it and are willing to repair and maintain it. We design products that remain in use for decades. A good example of this is the Evermat utility crop dryer, which we designed over 40 years ago. The product has maintained its popularity to this day and is still found in many homes. Its parts can be replaced, and additional components can be added, promoting sustainable consumption and reducing environmental impact. The product is designed to withstand the test of time.

Strategic design reinforces sustainable design

We emphasize at Edea the importance of strategic design as it combines sustainable design with corporate business strategy. Strategic design addresses an organization’s long-term goals and creates solutions that enhance the organization’s sustainability, competitiveness, and strategic objectives. We believe that strategic design affects the life cycles of products and prevents corrective actions and additional costs in later stages of product development. We always stress to companies that the earlier design work begins, the more likely the entire product development process will become more responsible and efficient.

We have developed the Design Puzzle™ method for the early stages of product development, where acquired user data is applied to design. Our design process starts with understanding end-user needs and potentially involving them, as well-conducted user research enhances overall product design and outcome. Once the real needs of different user groups are identified, products are designed to meet people’s goals. This creates sustainable bonds between humans and products.

The significance of design in brand building

Consumers associate different brands with certain colors, shapes, and functionalities. Through design, we aim for unique and recognizable design that appeals to users and creates distinctive features for the brand. Perhaps you recognize the faucets designed by Edea for Oras or the keys for iLOQ. Behind their appearance lies our strong commitment to quality, functionality, and durability. We believe that design agencies play a crucial role in building and developing more responsible brands for companies.

At Edea, we design a wide range of products from forks to forklifts and tractors to electric vehicle charging stations. We utilize our model workshop in development work, enabling continuous improvement and testing of solutions. This ensures the efficient and accurate progress of product development from concept to finished product. The model workshop allows us to create physical models and functional prototypes that we can test and evaluate in practice. This helps us identify potential problems at an early stage and make necessary changes before the product moves into mass production. Our longstanding collaboration with Valtra is an excellent example of how products are designed to serve the target audience in the best possible way. We have built several Valtra tractor cabins and tested their functionality for all users in various conditions.

Edea is committed to quality and safety

Designers are increasingly required to have up-to-date knowledge of EU requirements regarding product safety, emissions, and ergonomics. Meeting these requirements is no longer just a good addition, but it is essential for bringing products to market. We specialize in ensuring that all products we design meet even the strictest EU standards and directives. At Edea, safety, environmental friendliness, and user-friendliness form the foundation for sustainable and successful product development.

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